Durham Housing Is Often Impacted By Local Colleges And Universities

Durham housing is always in demand. This area is rapidly growing, along with Chapel Hill and Raleigh, the two other cities that form the Triad region of North Carolina. While none of these three cities rival Charlotte in size alone, the trio of them and the metropolitan area around them do have almost as many people.

While many working adults and young families tend to look for starter homes, the need for Durham housing is sometimes squeezed even more on the rental market, particularly for apartments.

Durham is home to Duke University and its approximately 15,000 students. Most of them live on campus, but not all, and so when the new academic calendar rolls around every year, a lot of them look for off-campus housing. There is also need for Durham housing for the many staff members needed to operate the campus, as well as new professors who might have just moved to the area.

In many cities, there are surrounding suburbs that could help absorb some of the pressure of those needing homes, but the Durham area is surrounded by other large schools. In fact, a few of them are even bigger than Duke. North Carolina State University, also known as NCSU or NC State, is home to nearly 35,000 students, while the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, also known as UNC-CH, UNC, or just Carolina, has another 30,000 students of its own.

Nearby Wake Forest University is another ACC school in the area with around 8,000 students, and a number of other smaller and junior colleges bulk things up too.

Durham housing is also sometimes used as temporary accommodations or even second homes by politicians and government officials in the nearby capital of Raleigh when in the area on business instead of back in their home counties with constituents.